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Accounting Software

Here you come to know about a splendid and time saving 100% free Accounting Software in which you can finalize your accounts upto balance sheet through importing data from any inventory software except bill creation & modification. Moreover you can also maintain customer's account. All types of vat forms are available according to state wise and you can file e- return online. You can update your software yourself.

For C.A and Accountants our company is providing a flat 60% discount on Inventory version of the software. Only Accounting Software is 100% free excluding stock maintenance.

Below are the Additional Very Useful Accounting Features of our software as compared to other Accounting Softwares which are capable to provide you readily available misc. Reports for serving different reporting purposes, analysis, cost control & reduction.


  • "N" no. Of payment receipt entries by one single entry

    "N" no. Of payment receipt entries can be done, by recording only in one single voucher, which will be posted to the respective ledges, by splitting into separate single entries and reflecting in each ledger, as separate voucher has been recorded for each single entry.

  • Strong control on customer's credit limit

    You can hold strong control on customer's crdit limit by availing option of customization/configuration of credit limit in terms of No. Of days, No. Of bills & amount With the activation of stop billing feature for each specific customer separately, for example:

    (a) Credit limit in amount Say Rs. 50,000 for abc ltd. - abc ltd. Can opt for credit billing facility only to extent of Rs. 50,000/- as outstanding of abc ltd. Reaches Rs. 50,000/- software will stop the billing.

    (b) Credit limit in no. Of days say = 15 days – as age of customer dues crosses 15 days, software will stop billing from 16th day untill and unless all dues older than 15 days will re-cover. You can specify, credit limit in amt. Also simultaneously.

    (c) Credit limit in no. Of bills, say – 2 bills – software will stop the billing until & unless there will be 2 bills reflecting pending for payment. As 1 bill re-cover, you can raise fresh billing upto 2 pending bills.

  • VAT Computation Report in Advanced Form

    Our software generates vat computation report in detailed format, displaying separately effect of all type of sale – purchase transactions dealing in different natured goods:

    • Taxable goods, sale & purchase liable to tax
    • Non-taxable goods, sale & purchase transactions not liable to tax
    • Exempted goods, sale & purchase transactions exempt from tax.
    • Non-exempted goods, sale & purchase transactions not exempted, but taxable at zero tax rate.
    • Sale & purchase transactions for capital goods.
  • Sales Tax Declaration Forms Reminders

    You can efficiently maintain records of declaration forms for receipt/issue in software itself. There is an option to update form no. in software for each respective invoice. From there you can send automatic mails to all concerned parties in self filteration format. There is no need to maintain any excel & to use mail merger option.

  • Checking of each entry, before impacting ledgers & main accounts

    software has the feature by which you can have the scope/space to check entries recorded by your junior executive on daily basis. For example: entries done by your executive will remain in separate register until & unless you'll approve them to effect main accounts. By keeping this feature "on" you will have the approval power to check and pass these entries from register to post main ledgers and having the accounting effect on main accounts. This will increase accuracy and tracking of arithmetical & logical mistakes at first point of entry.

  • Self customizable narrations

    There is standard narrations feature. You can customize the "n" no. Of narrations as per your need and can link them with shortcut keys, so that you can save your time, involving in typing of narration, each & every time afresh.

  • Advanced misc. Reporting with graphs for various analysis purposes

    You can view all your reports and co comparison of sundry debtors/ creditors/ expenses/ budgets/ salesman ledger/ group monthly balance/ average/ last year comparison in graph format.

  • Re-conciliation of interest charged by bank

    Here is an option to re-concile the interest charged by bank by feeding interest rate therein, so that you can find filtered report, which charges are not as per committed interest rate.

  • Very powerful switch-over system with live balances.

    You can switch-over to any final report, from voucher entry screen directly. Besides it you can go to any report from any screen.

  • Envelope & lable printing

    Our software has feature of envelope & lable printing also.

  • Reminders/personal organizer/directory

    You can maintain your telephone diary, appointment schedules & various types of reminders like utility bills, credit card payments & monthly outgoing payments of fixed nature.

  • Flexible periodicity of f.y.

    You can opt for f.y. More or less than 12 months as per your need and suitability for example 15 months, 18 months, 9 months & 6 months.

  • Facility to freeze data

    You can freeze the data on date basis, irrespective of restriction of complete f.y.

  • Multiple dated expense entries by one single voucher entry

    By using this option, expense entries falling on multiple dates, can be done by one single entry resulting in "n" number of vouchers needed.

  • Error checking feature with re-posting of data

    This is one command by which you can find your all illogical entries. It is just like f7, spelling check command in ms excel or ms word.

  • Very powerfull security control mechanism

    You can set password's for software, operator as well as company separately. You can even secure your data with the help of self backup and carbon copy. It also provides special powers and features for supervisor and you can also set powers and boundations operator wise.

  • Depreciation statement

    You can get readily available depreciation chart generated from the software. You have to fill depreciation rates only.

  • Common features as other softwares
    • User-friendly
    • Multiple companies
    • Ledgers/ cash/ bank books on tips
    • Monthly summaries of ledgers & groups
    • Day book/ journal/ dr. Note/ cr. Note/ receipt/ payment & contra register
    • Duties & taxes
    • Voucher printing
    • sSales/ purchase registers
    • Bank re-conciliation
    • Tds form 16a
    • Cheque printing
    • Trial balance/trading/ p & l account/ balance sheet
    • Ledger/ group/ analysis & comparisons
    • Ratio analysis
    • Age schedules for creditors & debtors
    • Negative cash & stock


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